Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thor and thereafter

James often gets email updates on latest sneakscreenings of films before they're released in the theatre. About a month ago, he got an email that there would be a sneak preview of Thor. He emailed a few of his friends and tried to get a group together togo see it. Last night was the screening. It ended up being in 3D, which I don't like because I always get headaches and the glasses just don't work for me, but it was actually not too bad. Though it was somewhat nerve-wracking because we had never gone to this particular theatre for screenings before, and I'm pretty positive my friend Lauren will never go again for that reason, it was still nice to have a little time to see a free movie with friends. And to James, I say "Will Shakespeare".

Ps. Sorry for the terrible cell phone pictures.

Right now I am sipping on a cappuccino trying to wake up a little bit before meeting my friends, Lauren and Chelsea, down in Safety Harbor for dinner. I love having dinner with them. Lately it's been about once a month and that has been wonderful. Chelsea is going off to Seminary soon though. And that will be a very sad day. Who will Lauren and I live vicariously through?!

And just to let you all know, I'm going to start doing photos like this one to my pup, Oliver:
Check out this guy's Tumblr. The pictures are so stinkin' cute.

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  1. 1. I will go again. I really ended up enjoying it a lot! I just wasn't mentally prepared for it. Plus I only had once piece of pizza for dinner so I was grumpyhungry. Or as you call it, hypoglycemic. :)
    2. It took me 3 minutes to realize that nickel was indeed sticking his tongue out at me when I wasn't looking.
    3. We'll just have to take some trips to my birthplace to visit our vicarious life liver.