Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not much isn't cutting it

Today I went to the beach with Lauren.  We packed up two chairs, an umbrella, a cooler, magazines, books, towels, and sunscreen and headed down the road.  We were there for four hours and it was amazing.  Unfortunately, we didn't pick a great spot on the beach because there was a dead fish lying in the sand and ants everywhere and the beach itself is pretty rocky but the view was just great.  It almost reminded me of that picture on PC's that you could use as your desktop, probably taken in Thailand or something:

In my head, that's how it looked.  But, now trying to find a picture, I guess it wasn't all that beautiful.  It was still very pretty and I'm very blessed to live so close to what people consider paradise.  

When I got home at around 4pm, I was starving and not really up for thinking about cooking.  However, I had a huge craving for pasta.  The sound of it just made my mouth water (and the fact that it was extremely easy to make).  I made cheese ravioli with meat sauce because sometimes James likes to order that when we go to Olive Garden.  I figured he would enjoy the meal then.  It was delicious and hit the spot.  The first bite was spectacular, even though I just dumped box pasta in water with meat and jarred sauce.  I had the meal with a big glass of milk.  I love drinking milk with spaghetti, it makes me feel like a kid again.  

As promised, I attempted to take cute photos (like Hello Nickel) of my Oliver.  This was the best picture I could get, and it's a pathetic one.  He's not very cooperative.


  1. Milk and spaghetti...mmmm...I like it with anything Mexican as well, for the exact same reason! We used to always eat at this Mexican place in California when I was a kid, and my mom would always order us milk. It was the only time I ever got to drink whole milk and it was fantastic. :)

  2. oh man, I love whole milk. I'm probably wrong, but I thought you guys don't drink milk a whole lot now?

  3. Well I love milk, so do the older boys. Art has always hated it and Mal's not a fan either. Half n' half family...no pun intended.