Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh My Stars

I've recently come across a few new bands that I really like.  And that's saying something for me.  Normally, I stick to my Hanson and Mmmmbop my way through life.  Or I end up getting all huffy when James tries to introduce me to new bands he thinks I'll like.  I end up closing my ears to it.  For one reason or another, I find myself unable to take my husband's musical advice.  Instead, I've created a new technique to finding music on my own.  Well, it's not even really on my own because all the music is already on our Ipod.  It's more on my own from our musical library which can get pretty overwhelming.  I digress.  Back to my technique.  So, I turn the dial on my radio in the car without looking and force myself to listen to at least one song on whichever artist the Ipod lands on.  I give myself one song, though I usually know within 30 seconds if I'm going to like an artist or not.  I'm just weird and close-minded like that.  These two new artists, however, have brightened my day and given me something to look forward to on my rides to and from work.  I'm not even going to announce what bands they are in fear that someone will say, "Ugh, that band?  I listened to them like five years ago.  They're old news."  I'd rather you not rain on my parade.  I am perfectly content indulging myself in this new found happiness alone.  It may even be considered bliss.

On my Monday off, I did some relaxing with James and our little pup, Oliver.  Much to his and my disapproval, Oliver joined us in our pool.  Here are some rather cute and possibly disturbing moments of what my husband thinks is "fun with Daddy".


  1. Now I want to know what bands you're listening to, you horrible tease you.

    And don't worry about a band being "old news", I usually get into stuff that's been around for ages.

  2. I totally agree Jenn!

    Those pictures of Oliver are SO stinkin' cute! Poor guy! :) You gotta frame one of them, maybe two, especially with one with James holding him. Great picture!