Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dodging Curve Balls

In my last post I stated that Jude and I were finally finding a routine and settling in.  Then came the curve ball.  I noticed blood in Jude's stool on Thursday July 5.  Thankfully, the next day was his 2 month appointment at which time I spoke to the pediatrician about it.  She told me that I might have to go on a very strict diet.  I had already eliminated the major dairy products like milk, ice cream and cheese because Jude was so fussy, gas and spitting up a lot.  I had been off of that type of dairy for a  month.  Little did I know, there is a lot that has milk hidden in it's ingredients.

The pediatrician asked me to bring in a poopy diaper the following Monday to test if there was still blood in it.  There was and I was put on a very strict diet of no whey, soy or milk.  I'm not sure if you're into reading labels but I thought I was over that phase of my life after the gestational diabetes.  Nope.  This type of label reading is even worse because milk and soy have a lot of different names.  I am thankful that there is a health food store right up the street that has alternatives for yogurt, ice cream and bread so that I don't have to starve all the time.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing blood in Jude's stool.  We are going on two weeks this Monday on the strict diet.  He is still having episodes of major spitting up.  And my small list of things to eat is getting smaller.  The upside is that my waist is too!  :)

Anyway, please keep myself and this little blessing in your prayers as we continue to eliminate foods that seem to really bother him.  I praise God that this is only a season in life as poor Jude's digestive system continues to mature.

We are doing great otherwise and Jude was amazing on our trip up to Pittsburgh for my little brother's wedding (my mom and I attribute it to the fact that I hardly ate anything and when I did it was extremely bland).  Here are some of my favorite shots: