Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Yesterday, we spent the evening with James's mom.  James and his brother, Sean, made a great meal for her (filet mignon, potatoes, salad, and cake).  I volunteered to make a little appetizer of stuffed mushrooms. There are so yummy and have a cayenne pepper in them that gives them a little kick.  Here is the recipe if anyone is interested:  Stuffed Mushrooms

James was so blessed to have grown up right on the water also.  Yesterday brought a bit of a cold front so we spent some time outside.  It was so beautiful watching the sunset.  

We spent the rest of the night setting up Netflix on the AppleTV for my mother-in-law so that she could get hooked on Glee like we are.  We had a wonderful time with James's family and ended up heading back home at about 10:30pm.  Once home by 11:30pm (had to stop at the gas station to put air in our tires...later finding out that there was a large bolt of sorts in there and had to get the tire replaced), I started preparing for my mom's brunch.  Upon her request, I made orange scones.  I had to bake it last night because I had too many other things that needed to be in the oven in the morning.  They came out...well.  I still need to work on my presentation though. 

Also, I had the brilliantly terrible idea of painting a watercolor message for my mom.  I was up until 2am painting it...and she ended up not really liking it.  I didn't like it either and wasn't very happy with how it turned out.  Serves me right for leaving the project until the night before.  

I also made yogurt parfaits for my dad and I.  They were soooo yummy and I can't wait to eat it again tomorrow morning.

Lastly, James picked out a rose from our rose bush and it ended up making a nice little centerpiece for the dining table.  Too bad it was already beginning to wilt.  

Now, on to the house work!  


  1. I command you to make me stuffed mushrooms RIGHT NOW.

    Oh my gosh I'm totally drooling over those things.

    And what was wrong with the watercolor? I think it's cute.

  2. arrrgh, my comment didn't post! i'll make you some stuffed mushrooms, jenn. maybe when you come over to help me with my garden box! (still have to get the supplies. doing that on wednesday). and the watercolor is just cute. that's it. not wall-hanging worthy.