Friday, July 1, 2011

Death Eating Destroyer: Tile

The Culprit:  The Death Eating Destroyer named Tile.
The Location:  Bathroom
The Victim:  3G White iPhone

I'm so sad!  I've had this phone for YEARS! It has so many precious memories on it and though it was a bit slow and pretty unreliable, I loved it.  We went everywhere together and it has all my pictures on it and what am I going to do without it?  Yeah, sure it may have shut down when I'd try to open Angry Birds or would crash when I'd try to use Maps but it was old.  It was like a good wine, you know grows better with age and... and.... wait, what?  I what?  I get a new phone?  A brand new, shiny phone that can open Apps in seconds instead of minutes?  WHAT?!  That exists?!

See ya, 3G!


  1. hahahaha....that is funny. i hope, somehow, you can get all your photos recovered! the geniuses should be able to do that, right?!

  2. Yeah, I mean it still turns on. I just can't see anything. Kind of reminds me of my I shouldn't be using such expensive gadgets?

  3. Ha ha you are such a tard, Brooke. I love these pictures.

  4. New phone!? Cool!
    Amazing hair!? AWESOME!

  5. plug it in to your computer and you should be able to sync it with your computer and get photos off without using the phone face. Also, and I know I am a sitting duck in the mist of Apple alligators but I just received my new Samsung Galaxy 4G in the mail and it is BEYOND a phone!!!! I can't even tell you all the fun stuff that came with it and its super fast!!!!

  6. hahah, bummer. New phone? How terrible. ;)

  7. Esther and Rachel, I must've called me out on a bluff. I was being a little over dramatic. It was for the blog's sake and comic relief. I had no trouble syncing my phone and getting everything off of it. Plus, I am married to a kind of gadget genius ;)
    and update for all: thankfully, my parents have an extra phone, which is my exact same white 3G that they are letting me borrow until September when my flippin iPhone 5 comes out (it better come out then or i'll have a fit). So, workable, uncracked, and fully functioning phone. Yes. Brand new, shiny, straight from the package phone. That'd be a no. Someday, ladies, someday.