Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy little Bee

When I posted my last entry regarding the caramel disaster, I had intended to also post the other events that had gone on this past weekend.  Firstly, I really had the desire to do a movie-themed-meal weekend.  I was only able to do meals from two different movies but I think it would be fun to revisit that activity.

The first meal was from Spanglish.  Some of you may know that I've already made this meal before and have posted pictures...maybe on my LiveJournal many moons ago?

Unfortunately, the bread I bought sort of shrank as it cooked so it doesn't look exact to the one Adams Sandler "made" in the film.  I'm pretty sure I have all of the ingredients right.  I paused the movie to see the layers.  Yes, I'm a huge dork.  Layers: Some type of white melted cheese on one piece of bread.  (I used Provolone) Then lettuce, tomato, once over easy egg (that's just how I like my egg to be cooked), small bacon strips (it looks like on the film that it was the already cooked bacon but I used the real stuff), and mayonnaise.  

My second meal is from It's Complicated.  Meryl Streep "made" this meal for Steve Martin in the most beautiful kitchen in the world.  I just want that house in general from that movie.  Amazing.  

Hm, the picture isn't so wonderful.  Ah well.  This meal consists of croque monsieur and caesar salad.  YUM.  Croque monsieur is swiss cheese, ham (not deli), and french bread.  Caesar salad recipe is Guy Fieri's, it's really easy and very delicious.  

Lastly, my dear friend Jenn made me a beautiful apron.  

My friends and I are starting a coffee ministry at my church and this weekend is the grand opening.  We've been brainstorming and praying about it since December and, since May, we've been researching and testing and purchasing to turn the idea into a functioning operation.  Tomorrow's the big day!  I will post pictures of the other two aprons Jenn made for us soon.  A HUUUGE thank you to Jenn for making us all look stylish while we serve others :D 

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  1. Those sammies look SO good. I want one right now.