Friday, June 3, 2011

A Domestic Pioneer

Yesterday, I decided to google "baking blogs" and came across one that looked fairly amazing.  It's called My Baking Addiction and some of the recipes on there make me giddy, especially because there are a few recipes involving blueberries that look absolutely delicious and Publix has blueberries on sale right now!  And, of course, we're coming to a close on blueberry season.  I can't wait to try out the recipes this weekend!  Unfortunately, there really won't be anyone around to eat what I make...and I have zero time during the week to bake for various bible studies.  Maybe I could freeze the creations for later on in the week, thoughts anyone?

My friend, Lauren, started a cooking blog and in her first post she wrote about a failed attempt at chicken fried steak.  I clicked on the link for the recipe and was intrigued.  I've never had chicken fried steak, it always kind of sounded gross to me but for some reason this sounds very appealing and comforting (especially with the large mound of mashed potatoes the Pioneer Woman suggests to accompany the chicken).  I think I'll try the recipe on Sunday.

I'm excited to have time this weekend to explore my culinary fantasies.  Here's to domestic endeavors! I will post with results.


ps.  after browsing through, i've come to the conclusion that i'm just going to make james "cowboy food" for the rest of his life.  there, that should settle our daily dinner disagreements.  the end.  period.  close the book and turn off the light.  fin. fineto.  end scene.  they lived happily ever after.  done.

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  1. Aha! Cowboy dinners it is! :) I love the end of this post :)
    Thanks for mentioning my lil' blog.

    I wish I had been around to try your blueberry creations. I'm sure they were delicious!