Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bravo! Brighthouse

Last week I had discovered that I still had this in my pantry:

My friend, Lauren, and I bought curry pastes when at the asian market in Tampa.  I bought the green curry and panang curry pastes.  I saw this last week in my pantry and thought it would be a fun little dinner for a Friday night (to replace take-out curry from the local Thai restaurant).  I bought my zucchini, green pepper, snow peas, and coconut milk and went to work.  This is how it came out:  

I decided to test the flavor of it while it was still cooking and it set my mouth on fire!  It was so spicy.  I wanted to make sure it wasn't just my palet so I had James try it out.  He said it was so spicy and not to even try eating it.  But, I had to.  I had already made my Jasmine rice.  So I poured some in the boil and started eating.  After the first few bites, my mouth had gone numb.  After about the tenth bite I couldn't take it any more.  I had to dump the whole thing.  Those Asians and their spice!  Phew. 

While we were at the asian market those months ago, we had also bought tapioca pearls and taro powder to make bubble tea.  Since then, I've had several failed attempts at making Taro Boba Tea and it bugs the crap out of me that every single time the tea comes out chalky and tasting like play-do.  Tonight, I decided to forget the Taro and just make milk tea.   So I cooked the tapioca pearls:  

They came out very well.  I made sweet tea and added non-dairy creamer, scooped a few spoonfuls of these colorful balls in with some ice and a jumbo straw and voila :

I also made two baked goods (¡GOOD!) that I'm pretty pleased with.  Of course, they could be tweaked a little but I was pretty happy with them.  And the fact that the pictures of them came out superbly.  Check out those recipes at The Lofty Cook.

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  1. WHERE can you buy boba? When I was living in Orlando I lived like three blocks from the little Vietnamese area, and I never found the pearls in their markets. Maybe they were keeping them from me?

    Guess I need to come to Tampa and cook alongside you soon... For real.