Wednesday, June 15, 2011


As some of you may know, I had a miscarriage Christmas 2010.  Going through this difficult time opened up a huge door of conversation with a number of women.  I was amazed how many women had the struggle of conceiving without telling anyone and just keeping it bottled up.  I was able to develop friendships through the struggles and pain only by the grace of God.  

Specifically, I grew very close to James's boss, Jessica Haley, who for several years has been trying to conceive.  Today, on her birthday, she and her husband have finally shared their story with the world.  It has been an extremely trying time for them and my first request is for you to keep them in your prayers.  My second request is for you to check out their story and, if led, support them in their journey or just give them a word of encouragement. Her goal is the same as mine, sharing her story to open up conversation for others going through conception difficulties and leading people to the Cross. 

Here is their site: 

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