Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Buzz

This weekend is going to be pretty packed. Firstly, we can't deny the fact that the TV is flooded with talk and coverage of the Royal Wedding. I will have BBC America on all day, unfortunately on mute because I'm watching both of my nephews today.

I love this picture of Kate and William. They look so young and happy. And that ring. It's just so brilliantly beautiful. I'm not obsessed with them by any means but, as my friend and I recently discussed, the media has basically been shoving it down our throats for the past week that we've just given up and said "Fine, already! We'll watch the dang wedding." However, because I don't have cable I utilized my sister's DVR and set to record the Royal Wedding on BBC America from 3-6am. I got to my sister's this morning and after putting the 6-month old down for a nap, my two-and-a-half year old nephew and I snuggled up on the couch to watch the Wedding. After a few interviews I got bored and started fast forwarding through the program all the while promising my nephew that he would see a princess. I fast forwarded through all of the guests filing into Westminster Abbey, stopping on fun bits like the Queen coming in and the band procession. Then, it finally got to the part where the Middleton's were driving in the black car and the little flower girls stepped out of the car. Then we saw William get out and I announced to my nephew that that was the Prince! He didn't seem too impressed. I don't really blame him. THEN we finally saw the car with the Princess in the white veil. All I could see was a long white veil draped over her head. I began to get butterflies and then the recording stopped. WHAT!? I was so mad. All this time of fast forwarding through boring cars driving from the Palace to the Abbey and I don't even get to see the Wedding?!

So here I am, three hours later waiting to see the second round of the recorded Wedding on BBC America. This time with commercials. So lame. Arg.

So back to my busy weekend. Secondly, I am going out with a friend tonight for Thai food which is always a major enjoyment. Thirdly, and most excitingly, I am meeting up with James's boss and my friend, Jessica, for coffee on Saturday! She lives on the other coast and any time I go over with James to see the TWLOHA team it is always very busy. I never get time to really talk to anyone. So, she and I decided to meet each other half way to visit without distractions. I'm pretty excited about that!

So here's to an exciting weekend. Cheers!

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