Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Call

Many things have happened over the past two weeks which prompted me to blog.  I suppose that's a good thing considering the last time I wrote an entry was over a month ago.

God has me in a new season of life.  Of course, there is the inevitable season of having the baby but He has shifted things so much that there are many changes on the horizon.  The first of which is, after several weeks of praying and patiently waiting, my baby brother is moving down here.  My entire family is overjoyed, for years now we have been disjointed and incomplete but now our whole family will be together again (with a new aunt/sister after the wedding in July!).  It has only been through the constant prayer and placing the situation in God's hands that Gregory got this job.  So many times, I found myself falling to my knees praying for the situation.  I hadn't gotten on my knees to pray in a very long time and it was refreshing and humbling to come back to that place.  Why don't I go there more often with God?

The other changes are on a more personal level but I have seen God's abundant faithfulness through it all.  The Lord has brought me to a place of utter surrender to Him.  Multiple conversations with the dearest people in my life have brought up God and I have been leaping on the opportunity to share His love.  Seeing God work in that has been mind-blowing.  He is changing hearts and moving in ways that I never even imagined.  I see His hand on the lives of my loved ones and it excites me that they see it too!

I have also been blessed to see prayers answered.  A friend of mine, Vanessa, and I try to meet every Saturday for breakfast, prayer and a time of fellowship.  Through that we have developed a great relationship in Christ and are able to ask for prayer from each other.  We have been praying for my friend's dad to come to Christ for several months.  One day he told her (out of the blue) that he wanted to come to church.  He went that Wednesday with her and hasn't stopped going since.  Every Wednesday and Sunday he is there with her.  He says that he finds peace when he is there and has a desire to learn more about God.  He's listening to sermons online.  He's praying.  He's seeking God!  Through the enormous amount of trials he is going through, he has discovered that the Lord is our peace and we can rest in Him.  It has been unbelievable to see God's work in him.

Although the week has been a trying one, I can't help but think God is leading me through something.  He's teaching me to surrender.  By talking to my loved ones about God, there is only so much that I can do and say.  Sure, I can point them to podcasts online or different verses in the bible or offer to pray with them but the ultimate change has to be in their hearts, the surrender in their hearts, the commitment to Christ in their hearts and in some ways that scares me!  I feel like, "Lord, there's really nothing else I can do?  I just have to sit back and let You do the rest?"  Vanessa also gave me a verse that I just keep praying over and over for my friends (Isaiah 55:11).  I have to surrender my loved ones to Him, trust that He is going to move and be confident in the promise that His word is sent forth to accomplish His work.  He's teaching me to let go and stop controlling.  :)

Speaking of, my two dear friends put on a baby shower for me this past weekend.  It was the most gorgeous day ever!  The food was to die for and the decorations were so much more than I could have ever imaged.  They were so cute.  I am so very blessed to have such loving friends.




  1. yay! you're back! something about being pregnant makes you kinda go "meh" about making things and blogging, etc. thanks for the encouragement, i definitely needed to hear that.

  2. This was such an encouraging post!